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Industry definition

The industrial sector comprises of companies that design, develop, manufacture, market, and sell machinery, equipment, supplies, or services for manufacturing and construction companies.

With the discovery of steam power, fabrication machines used steam as an energy source, and industrial fabrication was born. It is often referred to as Industry 1.0.

Around 1840, new technological systems were invented using electricity as a power source, leading to more complex machines known as Industry 2.0.

The third industrial sector revolution started with the computer's invention around 1970, leading to the automation of some manufacturing processes. Industry 3.0 introduced automated systems in assembly lines with automatic and semi-automatic machines that relied on human input.

Nowadays, we are in the era of Industry 4.0, which uses intelligent machines that can trigger action, control each other, and exchange without human interaction.


The industrial sector uses several technologies to develop and manufacture, including:

-Subtractive and additive manufacturing
-Artificial Intelligence
-Machine learning
-Big data analytics
-Industrial Internet of things
-Cloud computing
-Cognitive computing

Norck's capabilities

Norck offers design and manufacturing services for leading industrial manufacturing and service companies. Whether a custom product or high-volume production, we have the experts and tools to help you realize your projects and to boost your production with manufacturing on demand. Our services are specifically adapted to each customer's needs. We offer the following services:

- Consultation
   •    Technical solutions
   •    Stress and thermal analysis

- Manufacturing
   •    Rapid prototyping (3D printing, CNC machining, sheet metal, injection molding)
   •   3D printing
   •    High and low volume manufacturing of aviation equipments and parts
   •    Precision CNC machining
   •    Precision sheet metal cutting
   •    Sheet metal fabrication
   •    Laser, plasma, and waterjet cutting
   •    Stamping
   •   Die casting
   •    Injection molding
   •    Laser engraving
   •    Welding
   •    Fixtures, jigs, and tooling
   •   Assembly services

And the following finishes :

- CNC machining
   •    Powder coating
   •    Anodizing
   •    Chrome plating
   •    Bead blasting
   •    Surface roughness

- Injection molding
   •    Texturing
   •    Threaded inserts
   •    Pad printing
   •    Laser engraving

- Sheet metal
   •    Powder coating
   •    Anodizing
   •    Riveting

- We manufacture and ship our parts individually, assembled, semi-finished or finished.




Artificial Intelligence Augmented

Artificial Intelligence Augmented

Norck gathers and uses thousands of data points to augment its engineers with a state of the art artificial intelligent system for better design and manufacturability.

Innovation at Work

Innovation at Work

Besides being an artificial intelligence augmented digital manufacturing company, we also develop extremely innovative manufacturing tools, fixtures and of course software applications such as RapidCAD, a highly intuitive and innovative web based CAD application.

Chain Resilience

Creating Supply Chain Resilience

Working with Norck effectively reduces your risks against supply chain shocks, unforeseen delays, price fluctuations, and quality issues, thus increasing your company’s resilience in its outsourcing and supply chain . Besides its own capacity, Norck has premium access to hundreds of sheet metal fabrication, CNC machining, and 3D printing partners across Europe, and the U.S.

Access to Huge Capacity

Access to Huge Capacity

Besides Norck's own production capacity, Norck has access to hundreds of top quality sheet metal, CNC machining, and 3D printing service providers across Europe and the U.S., making it one of the leading digital manufacturers in the world.

Green Driven

Green Driven

Norck encourages its partners to be carbon-neutral, and gives carbon neutral compliant suppliers priority over non-compliants.