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Why Norck?

Artificial Intelligence Augmented

Norck gathers and uses thousands of data points to augment its engineers with a state of the art artificial intelligent system for better design and manufacturability.

Innovation at Work

Besides being an artificial intelligence augmented digital manufacturing company, we also develop extremely innovative manufacturing tools, fixtures and of course software applications such as RapidCAD, a highly intuitive and innovative web based CAD application.

Reduce Supply Chain Risks

Working with Norck effectively reduces your risks against supply chain shocks, unforeseen delays, price fluctuations, and quality issues. Besides its own capacity, Norck has premium access to hundreds of sheet metal fabrication, CNC machining, and 3D printing partners across Europe, and the U.S.

Supply Chain Security

Besides Norck's own production capacity, Norck has access to hundreds of top quality sheet metal, CNC machining, and 3D printing service providers across Europe and the U.S., making it one of the leading digital manufacturers in the world.

Green Driven

Norck encourages its partners to be carbon-neutral, and gives carbon neutral compliant suppliers priority over non-compliants.

Besides its own manufacturing capacity, Norck has a long history of developing, and investing in digital manufacturing technologies in order to advance and improve the supply chain systems of its customers. Combining our long history of technology development with our high qualifications of metal, plastic and composite part manufacturing, we have aimed at becoming the number one source for the precision metal, plastic and composite needs of our customers.

Beginning early 2020, our world has experienced a pandemic at a scale not seen since the days of bubonic plague in the medieval age. The results of the pandemic have had and will have a long lasting effects on the supply chain systems. Most companies and even countries have now come to the terms of the fact that their reliance on certain manufacturers in certain countries was in fact too much dependence. This has resulted for them in higher prices, long delivery times, reduced quality during the times of crises. On the other hand, most companies still feel the pain inflicted on them by the past choices.

Although Norck started its journey of digital manufacturing long before the pandemic, we felt the need to reposition and realign our company more in line with the needs of post pandemic world.

Our main mission is to secure the supply chain of our customers by making sure our customers has access to products and services they need all the time and every time at reasonable prices, without fluctuations in pricing and delivery times, with the product and service quality that are beyond their expectations.

To achieve this mission, we develop technology, and work tirelessly as a team of mechanical engineers, sales engineers, supply chain engineers, product designers, software engineers, artificial intelligence engineers. This also requires improving processes for design for manufacturability, partnering with only the best manufacturers to broaden our access to high quality manufacturing capacity, and lastly but most importantly understand our customers’ need in greatest detail possible.

Norck, a leading manufacturing company driven by technology, high quality data and artificial intelligence, focuses on manufacturing excellent quality of sheet metal parts, custom parts and components, a wide range of 3D printed parts and moldings. It is a single source for a wide of range of companies around the world for their need of sheet metal fabrication, CNC machining, 3D printing, and molding. 

Besides its own production capacity, Norck’s ability access to a huge amount of manufacturing capacity of its top quality partners across Europe and the U.S allows it to provide its customers with low and high volume production, rapid prototyping and a wide range of manufacturing services from sheet metal fabrication to 3D printing.

Norck’s data-driven AI approach to manufacturing maximizes its overall product and service quality, while minimizing the cost of its parts and services. This leads to high quality products, better inventory programs for our customers worldwide, better visibility for supply chain management.

Norck’s team of manufacturing engineers, mechnical engineers, quality engineers, supply chain engineers, industrial designers, artificial intelligence engineers, data scientists, and software application developers work in a unique and coherent way to provide your company with high quality manufacturing parts and services, better design for manufacturability and all driven by data and artificial intelligence.

As a single source for all your manufacturing needs, Norck minimizes your overhead cost, diversifies your supply chain and reduces the impact of supply chain shocks, price and delivery fluctuations, improves your parts’ design for manufacturability, significantly improves the quality of services and parts you outsource, minimizes suppliers’ risks, improves your purchasing power, and provides the goods and services with a philosophy of just in time.