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Become a Norck Supplier

Besides its own manufacturing capacity, Norck has a long history of developing, and investing in digital manufacturing technologies in order to advance and improve the supply chain systems of its customers. Combining our long history of technology development with our high qualifications of metal, plastic and composite part manufacturing, we have aimed at becoming the number one source for the precision metal, plastic and composite needs of our customers.

Beginning early 2020, our world has experienced a pandemic at a scale not seen since the days of bubonic plague in the medieval age. The results of the pandemic have had and will have a long lasting effects on the supply chain systems. Most companies and even countries have now come to the terms of the fact that their reliance on certain manufacturers in certain countries was in fact too much dependence. This has resulted for them in higher prices, long delivery times, reduced quality during the times of crises. On the other hand, most companies still feel the pain inflicted on them by the past choices.

Although Norck started its journey of digital manufacturing long before the pandemic, we felt the need to reposition and realign our company more in line with the needs of post pandemic world.

Our main mission is to secure the supply chain of our customers by making sure our customers has access to products and services they need all the time and every time at reasonable prices, without fluctuations in pricing and delivery times, with the product and service quality that are beyond their expectations.

To achieve this mission, we develop technology, and work tirelessly as a team of mechanical engineers, sales engineers, supply chain engineers, product designers, software engineers, artificial intelligence engineers. This also requires improving processes for design for manufacturability, partnering with only the best manufacturers to broaden our access to high quality manufacturing capacity, and lastly but most importantly understand our customers’ need in greatest detail possible.

What does Norck do?

Our digital manufacturing company aims to minimize customer supply chain risks by making on-demand manufacturing easy and affordable for all companies. For that, we transformed everything into a digital platform where customers can get quotes for their precision metal and plastic parts fast and easy and access our top qualified engineers to develop and customize designs.

We appreciate working with quality suppliers to fulfill the increasing needs of our customers. We are looking to partner with top suppliers in sheet metal, CNC machining, 3D printing, composite material manufacturing, and plastic manufacturing.

What industries Norck serves?

Norck serves a wide range of industries including aerospace, defense, automotive, robotics, industrial, consumer products, electronics, medical, hardware, machinery, energy, education, excavator manufacturing.

We are actively looking for top quality, highly capable manufacturers that serves these industries. We are highly selective in our evaluations and require certain certifications for each industry.

What distinguishes Norck?

Precision, excellent quality, fast delivery, and being scaleable are the four pillars of Norck.

Our automated and user-friendly platform will give you access, as a supplier, to a vast network of customers waiting to realize their projects.

Norck will handle the hassle of finding customers, defining needs, technical requirements, and negotiations, so you'll focus on manufacturing only with a single customer: Norck. This will help you develop your business and expand your distribution network and sales channels in the US, Europe, and beyond.

Norck has excellent payment terms for its suppliers ranging from prepayment to net 30.

What capabilities should your company have?

If your company has a proven work record, references from your customers in Europe, and the United States, great manufacturing capabilities in precision metal, plastic, and composite materials, and more important of all excellent human resources, we are actively looking for top quality sheet metal manufacturers, CNC machining companies that can manufacture precision custom metal parts and metal components from a wide range of materials, 3D printing companies, and plastic component manufacturers.

Are you interested in becoming a supplier for Norck?

If you are interested, we’d be happy to assess your company’s qualifications to see if they meet our requirements.

Simply fillout the contact form below so we can send you a copy of our supplier quality assessment form to start the qualification assessment process.