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Norck provides extremely reliable, top quality, and fast sheet metal fabrication services such as sheet metal cutting, stamping, bending, blanking/punching, deep drawing, shearing, edge bending, and squeezing for industries including aerospace, defense, robotics, industrial, automotive and many others. Our team of highly qualified engineers and cutting-edge facilities will provide you with quality products with the quickest turnaround time at a competitive price. Whether you have high volume production projects or rapid protototyping needs, Norck can manage it with the results better than expectations.

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What is sheet metal squeezing?

Sheet metal squeezing is a process that is used to reduce the thickness of a sheet of metal by applying a compressive force to it. Squeezing sheet metal using cylinders is a process similar to traditional sheet metal squeezing, but it utilizes cylinders instead of a punch and a die to apply the compressive force. The process of squeezing can be performed on various materials, such as steel, aluminum, and brass.

Where is it used?

Sheet metal components are used in the following:

  •   Construction: Bending components for construction projects such as roofing and siding
  •   Automotive: Bending sheet metal for use in body parts such as doors, hoods, and fenders
  •   Aerospace: Bending sheet metal for use in the manufacturing of fuselage, doors, and fenders
  •   Advertising: Bending sheet metal for signage and advertising, including signs and billboards
  •   Food processing: Bending sheet metal for beverages, kitchen equipment
  •   Transportation: Bending sheet metal parts for cars, trains, buses, and aircraft
  •   Art: Bending sheet metal for use in building cladding

Advanced 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing

How is it fabricated?

Squeezing sheet metal using cylinders is typically done using specialized equipment, such as a press brake or a machine with cylinders. The process can be divided into several steps, depending on the part's complexity.

  •   Sheet metal cutting: The first step is to cut the sheet metal to the correct size and shape. It can be done using shearing, sawing, or laser cutting methods.

  •   Loading: The sheet metal is then loaded into the machine, which holds the metal in place while the squeezing process takes place

  •   Squeezing: Then, the workpiece is placed between the two cylinders, and then the cylinders are moved towards other to apply a compressive force to the metal. The cylinders are typically designed to create a specific shape or feature on the part.

  •   Unloading: After squeezing, the part might require different operations, such as painting or anodizing.





Artificial Intelligence Augmented

Norck gathers and uses thousands of data points to augment its engineers with a state of the art artificial intelligent system for better design and manufacturability.

Innovation at Work

Besides being an artificial intelligence augmented digital manufacturing company, we also develop extremely innovative manufacturing tools, fixtures and of course software applications such as RapidCAD, a highly intuitive and innovative web based CAD application.

Reduce Supply Chain Risks

Working with Norck effectively reduces your risks against supply chain shocks, unforeseen delays, price fluctuations, and quality issues. Besides its own capacity, Norck has premium access to hundreds of sheet metal fabrication, CNC machining, and 3D printing partners across Europe, and the U.S.

Supply Chain Security

Besides Norck's own production capacity, Norck has access to hundreds of top quality sheet metal, CNC machining, and 3D printing service providers across Europe and the U.S., making it one of the leading digital manufacturers in the world.

Green Driven

Norck encourages its partners to be carbon-neutral, and gives carbon neutral compliant suppliers priority over non-compliants.